Who is Jide Fresh?

Art became my sanctuary, a healer when life seemed irreparable. In my darkest moments, it offered a canvas of hope, transforming despair into purpose, guiding me towards a path of renewal and self-empowerment. My art transcends mere expression; it's a gateway to envision a world brimming with strength, beauty, and boundless potential. I aspire for my work to not just reflect the echoes of a painful past, but to be a beacon of empowerment, celebrating culture, confidence, and the resilient spirit of humanity. Through each stroke and color, I invite others to join me in this journey of transformation and envision a reality filled with possibility and grace.

Artist Bio

Artist Cv

In my artistic journey, I delve into the depths of my own experiences, using art as a vessel for self-discovery and healing. My journey began with creating M.E.S.H. books, each representing a significant chapter of my life. "Weed and Zen" emerged from my struggles with trauma, while "Hustle and Motivate" represented my shift towards intentional living. "Bad and Bushido" was born out of my personal battles. My creative process is meticulous, involving thorough research on each subject, gathering inspirational images and photographs. These elements gradually weave into a thematic exploration, leading to the creation of a coloring book that is not just a collection of art, but a narrative of life itself. My work transcends visual aesthetics, offering a journey of growth and healing, a shared experience between me and my audience.

I was drawn to the realm of M.E.S.H books and art because of its unparalleled accessibility. Coloring transcends the boundaries of comprehension, making it a universally comprehensible medium. However, my mission goes beyond mere coloring; it's about transforming this artform into a journey of introspection. My approach is one of radical optimism, reflecting the belief that our lives, like the unfinished artwork, are ongoing canvases colored by memories, experiences, joys, and sorrows. Embracing collaboration as a cornerstone, these coloring books become a conduit for elevating our shared human experience. They are more than aesthetically pleasing images; each book is a Trojan horse, captivating with anime or marijuana themes, yet harboring profound explorations of life's intricate facets within its pages. It's an invitation to embark on a deeper exploration of self and existence. Below is the full catalogue of art. Each book represents a different collection.