Weed and Zen Collection

"Weed and Zen" is a collection deeply rooted in Eastern philosophy, focusing on the journey of personal growth and healing. This series of illustrations delves into the intricate narratives of self-discovery, embracing and overcoming grief, and the transformative process of working through life's challenges. The unique aspect of this collection lies in its integration of marijuana as a tool for introspection and meditative exploration, presenting a fusion of spirituality and herbal enlightenment. Each piece in "Weed and Zen" serves as a visual meditation, offering a space for contemplation and inner dialogue. The imagery, often trippy and ethereal, invites viewers to embark on a journey of self-reflection, where they can confront and understand their personal stories and pain. This collection is not just about the art, but about the transformative experience it facilitates, guiding individuals towards a state of forgiveness, gratitude, and profound inner peace.

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