Sages and Cyphers

In the realm of philosophy, we often revere the great scholars of the past as the paragons of profound thought. While these revered philosophers deserve their accolades, our book, "Sages and Cyphers," endeavors to place some of the most brilliant rappers on an equal platform with the renowned philosophers who have been the subject of study for centuries. Why, you ask? Because Hip Hop stands as the sole contemporary music genre deeply rooted in philosophy, virtues, and principles. The trailblazers of Hip Hop's early days delved into various philosophical realms, weaving these ideas into the fabric of this innovative musical genre. Today, Hip Hop continues to evolve, serving as a powerful cultural force.

Here's the deal—we want you to be an integral part of this book. You, as one of my favorite artists, embody the essence of Hip Hop, and we believe your voice should be included. The book features conversations between artists like yourself and virtual representations of renowned philosophers. Take a look at the sample below, and let's collaborate on this exciting project together.

Download the Sample "Sages and Cyphers" Here